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Gummibären, Engeln und „Rettung“ aus dem All: Interview mit David Sterry (Real Life)

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Anfang der Achtziger Jahre ging der Song „Send Me An Angel“ der australischen New Wave / Synth Pop Band Real Life“ um die Welt. Dieser Song, aber auch nachfolgende Hits wie „Catch me I´m falling“ haben sich Kindern der Achtziger unvergesslich eingebrannt und laufen bis heute konstant in unseren Radios. Nachdem David Sterry mit seiner Band 2019 schon für Furore auf einem Achtziger Festival in Bochum sorgte, kam er nun, ein knappes Jahr später, auf eine kleine feine „Send Me An Angel“-Tour durch Deutschland zurück. Und eine neue CD hatte er dabei auch noch im Gepäck! Noch mehr Gründe für ein kleines feines Interview braucht es ja wohl nicht! Weiterlesen

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Jellybeans, Angels, „Salvation“ from Outer Space: Interview with David Sterry (Real Life)

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SiN: Hey David, thank you for a fantastic show in Bochum! Seemed you enjoyed it, too. It was very close to the audience, you love the intensive interaction with your fans?

David: Yes we had a great time in Bochum. The audience was fantastic and very emotional. And even though it was a small crowd, it’s a show I won’t forget. I got the feeling we were all friends and happy to be there. The reaction in Frankfurt was the same. A great night was had by all.

SiN: I noticed that you have a special faible for Gummibärchen and Currywurst ? Did you find time to enjoy these „little passions“ :D? Are there others I should know ?

David: Yes I’ve been bombarded with Gummy Bears and found a fine Currywurst at the train station in Frankfurt. The only thing eluding me is Bratkartoffeln. I think Germany is getting too healthy.

SiN: As the tour title implicates, the focus of the tour was on the old Real Life hits. I guess the people all around the world love listening to „Send Me An Angel“. How is this for you, after all these years? Still singing this song (and others, such as „Catch me I´m falling“) with total passion?

David: I’ve really enjoyed playing the songs from the first 2 albums very much. I hadn’t performed Heartland for over 20 years. It’s not easy to sing and very emotional. As for Angel and Catch Me. It’s such a privilege to see the audience forget the troubles of the world for 3 minutes. I love my job.

SiN: One question I had to ask (maybe it was asked by many people before). Since I first listened to „Send Me An Angel“ I was touched by the lines „Empty dreams can only disappoint in a room behind your smile“. This „image“ is so efficacious and has never left my mind (Among us ;): I wrote it in several diaries over the years!). Can you remember what made you write down these words? And are you willing to share this with me and the readership..?

David: Empty dreams can only disappoint. Well I’m really not sure where that came from but I’ve often read about the experiences of other song writers. The words to Angel were written in less than half an hour as if by somebody else. I just had to scrawl them down as fast as I could. But speaking of dreams, they’re the only thing I’m an expert at. I’ve been daydreaming all my life. I should be a professor. Many of my dreams have come true.

SiN: Besides the fantastic „old“ songs you played new stuff, too. You even spread your new album „Sirens“ among the aucience (with a download link), thank you! The digital release is now available on I-Tunes and Spotify? Are you planning a regular release of the album on CD, too?

David: Yes we’ve been playing Beautiful Monster and Dream On in the set. I think people are pleasantly surprised by them. There will be some CD’s and Vinyl later this year via mail order.
That’s the way the music biz is these days. I don’t like downloads but I’d love people to be aware of the new songs. Basically I’m handing out 12 months of my work for free.

SiN: The new album „Sirens“ is very impressive. It has six tracks, but the first track „Sirens“ is nearly 17 minutes long. You call it a prog-tronic, „A bit of a concept piece like some of the great prog albums of the 70’s“. Can you tell me some more things about this track? It´s a kind of journey from the sea floor up to the space including sirens (mermaids up to real sirens in the end)?

David: Sirens is me having fun with music now that no one expects hit singles from Real Life.
For the first time ever I’ve been very selfish and made a record for me. And yes from the bottom of the ocean into outer space. That’s what happens if you hear the Sirens sing. And it even has my dear departed friend Ralph barking at the nasty Sirens. I’ve uploaded a pic of Ralph!

SiN: The song „Sirens“ contains an intriguing metaphorical impression, too („There’s a hole in my soul where the rain gets in“). You love playing with word, Mr. Sterry? I´m curious, besides being the singer of a famous band, are you a writer, too?

David: Yes I do love playing with words and coming up with silly names and reversing meanings, but I would never call myself a writer.

SiN: Live you played the new song „My beautiful monster“. You introduced the song as a happy one, dealing with depression. The song is indeed very danceable, whereas the lyrics inspire to think. Is this your intention, make people think and enjoying a song at the same time? Is the theme a personal issue for you?

David: I’ve had depression and anxiety all my life as do so many other people. I used to try to hide it but I think if I can stand on stage and perform My Beautiful Monster with a big smile on my face then someone in the audience just like me might feel a little less alone. That song is so much fun to play. The band love it.

SiN: The second song you played live from the new album is „Dream On“, a likewise danceable modern electropop number. „The thrill is gone, but life goes on, dream on“. What does the author of these word want to tell us ?

David: Dream On…. never give up dreaming. The thrill is gone so dream on. You ask such hard questions Sibylle! 🙂

SiN: Another interesting new song is „Here Comes The Spacemen“. You have a great affinity to the space theme, haven´t you? The song remembers me a little bit at „Hello spaceboy“ from David Bowie or am I over-interpretating it ?

David: Here Come The Spacemen. I was very careful to tiptoe around Mr Bowie’s great song. I always watched Thunderbirds when I was young and read science fiction, so I guess that’s where it comes from. But here’s the way I see it. The world is too busy arguing about politics, religion, climate change and the greedy rich that the only thing that might unite us would be an attack from Mars. Hence the line “The world is asleep so come as you are”
I’m just having fun….

SiN: Next time for you here in Germany will be the 80s special in the Dortmunder Westfalenhallen, together with OMD, Midge Ure and D:uel at 25. September 2020. Are you looking forward meeting the other bands there? As well as the fantastic moderator Peter Illmann? He really made my days with the tv-show „Formula One“ in the 80s, there wouldn´t be a New Wave / New Romantics / Neue Deutsche Welle music decade without this show in Germany!

David: Yes I’m very much looking forward to the September show. It’s a real privilege to work with all those people that I’m a big fan off. And I had a great time chatting to the legendary Peter Illman last year in Bochum. I live in Melbourne Australia and he says it’s his favourite city.SiN: In a few days you will go back to Australia? My deepest sympathy with respect to the terrible nature disaster you have to face in your country. I really hope the authorities will get a grip on it. Do you want to comment the situation there?

David: Thank you for your thoughts on the Australian disaster. It has been horrible and heartbreaking. Let’s hope our stupid government learn from this.

SiN: David, thank you for your time to answer all my curious small questions. All the best to you and the band, hope to see you soon again!

David: And I’ll see you in September. Thanks for the questions.

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M.I.GOD.: Interview mit Frontmann Max Chemnitz über die spannende Bandgeschichte

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Liebe Metal-und Rockergemeinde, vor einiger Zeit hatte unser Funkelglanz Musikexperte „metalhead“ (eine Koryphäe der „harten“ Klänge) das Album „Specters On Parade“ von der „Sophisticated Metal“-Band M.I.GOD. rezensiert. Für ihn eines der Top-Alben des noch jungen Jahres 2019 (hier geht es zur Rezension). Im Anschluss hatte metalhead das Vergnügen, den sehr sympathischen und wahnsinnig engagierten Frontmann Max Chemnitz kennenzulernen, der mit ganz viel Herzblut bei der Sache ist und sich trotz vieler Schicksalsschläge nicht von seinem Traum hat abbringen lassen. Bei einem langen Telefonat hat er ihm einen sehr tiefen Einblick in die spannende Bandhistorie gewährt und viele Details zum Konzeptalbum preisgegeben.

Das Interview ist lang, doch es lohnt sich, die Zeit dafür zu investieren! Also los geht’s: Weiterlesen

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