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Jellybeans, Angels, „Salvation“ from Outer Space: Interview with David Sterry (Real Life)

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SiN: Hey David, thank you for a fantastic show in Bochum! Seemed you enjoyed it, too. It was very close to the audience, you love the intensive interaction with your fans?

David: Yes we had a great time in Bochum. The audience was fantastic and very emotional. And even though it was a small crowd, it’s a show I won’t forget. I got the feeling we were all friends and happy to be there. The reaction in Frankfurt was the same. A great night was had by all.

SiN: I noticed that you have a special faible for Gummibärchen and Currywurst ? Did you find time to enjoy these „little passions“ :D? Are there others I should know ?

David: Yes I’ve been bombarded with Gummy Bears and found a fine Currywurst at the train station in Frankfurt. The only thing eluding me is Bratkartoffeln. I think Germany is getting too healthy.

SiN: As the tour title implicates, the focus of the tour was on the old Real Life hits. I guess the people all around the world love listening to „Send Me An Angel“. How is this for you, after all these years? Still singing this song (and others, such as „Catch me I´m falling“) with total passion?

David: I’ve really enjoyed playing the songs from the first 2 albums very much. I hadn’t performed Heartland for over 20 years. It’s not easy to sing and very emotional. As for Angel and Catch Me. It’s such a privilege to see the audience forget the troubles of the world for 3 minutes. I love my job.

SiN: One question I had to ask (maybe it was asked by many people before). Since I first listened to „Send Me An Angel“ I was touched by the lines „Empty dreams can only disappoint in a room behind your smile“. This „image“ is so efficacious and has never left my mind (Among us ;): I wrote it in several diaries over the years!). Can you remember what made you write down these words? And are you willing to share this with me and the readership..?

David: Empty dreams can only disappoint. Well I’m really not sure where that came from but I’ve often read about the experiences of other song writers. The words to Angel were written in less than half an hour as if by somebody else. I just had to scrawl them down as fast as I could. But speaking of dreams, they’re the only thing I’m an expert at. I’ve been daydreaming all my life. I should be a professor. Many of my dreams have come true.

SiN: Besides the fantastic „old“ songs you played new stuff, too. You even spread your new album „Sirens“ among the aucience (with a download link), thank you! The digital release is now available on I-Tunes and Spotify? Are you planning a regular release of the album on CD, too?

David: Yes we’ve been playing Beautiful Monster and Dream On in the set. I think people are pleasantly surprised by them. There will be some CD’s and Vinyl later this year via mail order.
That’s the way the music biz is these days. I don’t like downloads but I’d love people to be aware of the new songs. Basically I’m handing out 12 months of my work for free.

SiN: The new album „Sirens“ is very impressive. It has six tracks, but the first track „Sirens“ is nearly 17 minutes long. You call it a prog-tronic, „A bit of a concept piece like some of the great prog albums of the 70’s“. Can you tell me some more things about this track? It´s a kind of journey from the sea floor up to the space including sirens (mermaids up to real sirens in the end)?

David: Sirens is me having fun with music now that no one expects hit singles from Real Life.
For the first time ever I’ve been very selfish and made a record for me. And yes from the bottom of the ocean into outer space. That’s what happens if you hear the Sirens sing. And it even has my dear departed friend Ralph barking at the nasty Sirens. I’ve uploaded a pic of Ralph!

SiN: The song „Sirens“ contains an intriguing metaphorical impression, too („There’s a hole in my soul where the rain gets in“). You love playing with word, Mr. Sterry? I´m curious, besides being the singer of a famous band, are you a writer, too?

David: Yes I do love playing with words and coming up with silly names and reversing meanings, but I would never call myself a writer.

SiN: Live you played the new song „My beautiful monster“. You introduced the song as a happy one, dealing with depression. The song is indeed very danceable, whereas the lyrics inspire to think. Is this your intention, make people think and enjoying a song at the same time? Is the theme a personal issue for you?

David: I’ve had depression and anxiety all my life as do so many other people. I used to try to hide it but I think if I can stand on stage and perform My Beautiful Monster with a big smile on my face then someone in the audience just like me might feel a little less alone. That song is so much fun to play. The band love it.

SiN: The second song you played live from the new album is „Dream On“, a likewise danceable modern electropop number. „The thrill is gone, but life goes on, dream on“. What does the author of these word want to tell us ?

David: Dream On…. never give up dreaming. The thrill is gone so dream on. You ask such hard questions Sibylle! 🙂

SiN: Another interesting new song is „Here Comes The Spacemen“. You have a great affinity to the space theme, haven´t you? The song remembers me a little bit at „Hello spaceboy“ from David Bowie or am I over-interpretating it ?

David: Here Come The Spacemen. I was very careful to tiptoe around Mr Bowie’s great song. I always watched Thunderbirds when I was young and read science fiction, so I guess that’s where it comes from. But here’s the way I see it. The world is too busy arguing about politics, religion, climate change and the greedy rich that the only thing that might unite us would be an attack from Mars. Hence the line “The world is asleep so come as you are”
I’m just having fun….

SiN: Next time for you here in Germany will be the 80s special in the Dortmunder Westfalenhallen, together with OMD, Midge Ure and D:uel at 25. September 2020. Are you looking forward meeting the other bands there? As well as the fantastic moderator Peter Illmann? He really made my days with the tv-show „Formula One“ in the 80s, there wouldn´t be a New Wave / New Romantics / Neue Deutsche Welle music decade without this show in Germany!

David: Yes I’m very much looking forward to the September show. It’s a real privilege to work with all those people that I’m a big fan off. And I had a great time chatting to the legendary Peter Illman last year in Bochum. I live in Melbourne Australia and he says it’s his favourite city.SiN: In a few days you will go back to Australia? My deepest sympathy with respect to the terrible nature disaster you have to face in your country. I really hope the authorities will get a grip on it. Do you want to comment the situation there?

David: Thank you for your thoughts on the Australian disaster. It has been horrible and heartbreaking. Let’s hope our stupid government learn from this.

SiN: David, thank you for your time to answer all my curious small questions. All the best to you and the band, hope to see you soon again!

David: And I’ll see you in September. Thanks for the questions.

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Tarja Turunen – Christmas In The Heart(s)!

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Xmas is coming and the former NIGHTWISH singerTarja Turunen is preparing for her upcoming Christmas tour.

How Tarja celebrated Christmas in her youth and why an Argentine Santa Clause is a funny sight to see – read the following interview!

SiN: How did you get the idea for this special Christmas tour? I myself love the Christmas period since my childhood, it´s still a very special time for me – maybe it´s the same for you?

Tarja: I recorded my Christmas album in 2006 and even before that I have been making Christmas tours in Finland and also some concerts abroad. It has became like a tradition to me already to make these tours to happen every year. I love performing in churches, theaters or places like that with different acoustics and atmosphere.
When I was young it was a tradition in my family to sing Christmas songs all together, so the importance of music during Christmas celebrations is big to me.

SiN: Would you share some special childhood memories with us? How is a traditional finnish Xmas like?

Tarja: If there is no snow during Christmas in Finland, the kids are getting worried if Santa Claus can travel with his reindeers and sleigh to bring their presents. So snow is very important factor for the children in Finland. We burn a lot of candles, cook traditional Christmas food and eat a lot. Christmas is a time of a year when you should not think about dieting!
Music is also very important as there are hundreds of Christmas concerts happening during December so people are usually going to listen at least one concert with the whole family before Christmas. I used to cook cookies and Christmas bread with my mom and decorate the real Christmas tree couple of days before Christmas eve with my brothers. I loved that!

SiN: Besides the 4 german concerts you go on tour in your home country Finland. Is there a reason why you decide to play especially in Germany?

Tarja: Last time I performed Christmas concerts in Germany was in 2005 and the experience was really nice at that time. I wanted to make it happen again. My fans were really happy to have me performing totally different kind of concert for them. I am sure that this time it won’t be different!

SiN: The press photo with the red dress is great, you look fantastic in it! Styling and presentation are very important for you, would you agree? One of the nice side effects of being that popular is certainly getting such beautiful dresses and make-up (no, I¥m NOT jealous..;) )?

Tarja: Oh well… thank you! 🙂 It is rather important for me to choose my performing dresses well in advance and to work with designers that know me. My sponsor Nordenfeldt is going to be designing me a new dress for this year’s concerts. I can’t wait to see the design. Creating a perfect atmosphere for my concerts is definitely most important. That means choosing the songs and the venues carefully.

SiN: I read you moved to Argentina – a big contrast to Finland, isn¥t it? Are the climatic differences the reason?

Tarja: I have lived permanently in Argentina for 4 years now and I love it here. The difference in living in a country like Argentina is huge compared to my home country Finland, but I have never had any cultural problems or problems in accepting the differences. Life is very colorful here and I like the local food, the weather and the people.

Also the fact that I can live a rather normal life here, which I was not able to do in Finland, helped my decision of moving here. I have plenty of fans here, but the city of Buenos Aires is huge so I can go out normally.

SiN: Maybe another reason for the tour, I guess it´s better to celebrate Christmas in frosty Finland ;)?

Tarja: Definitely the Christmas in Argentina is not feeling like a real Christmas with +40 degrees. Even chocolates are melting in a shadow and the Santas and their helpers are running with shorts! That is rather funny sight to see.

SiN: A new album is announced for Autumn 2013, do you already work on it? What can we expect – a classical or a Goth Metal album, I guess a combination of elements from both directions?

Tarja: The elements on my new studio album are going to remain the same as in my previous studio rod albums. There are songs that are really heavy with guitars and then others having only orchestra in them. I love the dynamic differences in my songs and when you listen to the album, you must know that I have been working so hard in them.
I love the freedom that I have today to produce my records and choose the people to work with. It is unbelievable! I am very happy as an artist today and grateful for the fact that I can have a career on my own.

SiN: Okay, thank you for your time. I wish you huge success with the tour and a wonderful Xmas time! Hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta! Hope that was correct ;)!

Tarja: Oh, thank you very much for your kind words! I wish you the same…Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr! With love, Tarja

More about Tarja: http://www.tarjaturunen.com

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The Birthday Massacre – Yearning For Childhood Fears!

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The Birthday Massacre are back, with the fantastic new album HIDE AND SEEK and a big yearning for old childhood fears such as werewolves and blob monsters – Why that – go and read the interview with Chiby, singer and songwriter of the Canadian band!

SiN: Hey The Birthday Massacre, congratulations to your fantastic new CD HIDE AND SEEK! Certainly it is a thrilling time to release the new album and waiting eagerly for the reactions of the fans and media?

Chibi: Hi! Yes, we’re really excited. Hide and Seek has been a labour of love, probably one of the most intense writing and recording experiences I have had, and we’re very excited for the release.

SiN: The album title refers to an old child play, seems to be a kind of invitation to tle audience, isn´t it?

Chibi: Yes, hahah. But also the concepts of hiding things/hiding from things can be very sinister. So while the playfulness is implied, there’s definitely a darker meaning there as well.

SiN: In my opinion the song titles seem to refer to each other, opening for example with „Leaving Tonight“ and ending with „The Long Way Home“. Is this a kind of concept album? Are you telling a complete story with this new cd? Some details, please :)?

Chibi: I wouldn’t say it is a concept album, but there are definitely some running themes present. This time around, while writing lyrics, I was getting very personal with it. I’ve always been interested in true crime, unsolved cases, that sort of thing. So there are some references so these mysteries, disappearances, in the songs. And going back to the idea of hiding things – the idea of there being a darkness within a person that you can’t see. Like a monster hiding in plain sight. We’ve all encountered people who you think you know, and you find out you really don’t. Or maybe we’re that person – hiding something from the people we love. For me this record is very dark and thematic.

SiN: This is your 6. studio album so far, all of them are concentrating somehow on children and childhood. This seems so important to you, do you try to reprocess your own experiences within your childhood? Good as bad ones?

Chibi: I think it’s a yearning back for those times when things just seemed so simple. It’s very easy to romanticise elements of your childhood. And, for me, it’s as though looking back, everything seems like it was amplified. The sun seemed to shine brighter, you could entertain yourself by playing with a blade of grass, you could make up games – and the things that scared you seemed truly, overwhelmingly horrifying. And now, it’s like, you aren’t afraid of a monster under your bed anymore, you know that’s not true. But you know about the real horrors in the world. And it’s like – I’d give anything to just be able to genuinely be afraid of a werewolf or blob monster or something again. I’d love the luxury of those being the only fears.

SiN: Again (we all know „Blue“!) there is a track called „Cover My Eyes“ starting quite „relaxed“ and atmospheric – but having an agressive Nu Metal Part in the chorus (great, love it!). I guess Chibi loves these moments to freak out? And the guys, running around gloomy with their guitars on stage (you see, the visual effect got me ;))?

Chibi: Haha! Yes, I think we all have parts that we look forward to performing and keeping things energized while on stage. “Cover My Eyes” was written for a movie soundtrack, actually, that didn’t end up working out. So it was sort of a stand-alone song at that time. But it ended up fitting seamlessly on the record, which is perfect. And yes I am looking forward to ‘freaking out’ onstage – but this time around, I have to be cautious with my voice. I’ve had some issues with it, which I never thought would happen, after so many years of performing.

SiN: In the media you are described as a music project with focus on visual effects. The integrated concept is to combine music, styling, art and perfornance. This is quite ambitious – why is that so important to you? Why not only „playing music and doing some concerts“ as other bands do ;)?

Chibi: It’s because our interests definitely expand beyond music. I met Rainbow while we were both in college taking Fine Art. My first passions have always been drawing, painting and writing. So those elements were naturally going to become part of the band. Everyone in the band has other creative pursuits we’re passionate about, and it’s lucky that we have the band to utitize them.

SiN: Purple seems to be your favourite colour, isn´t it? I like that (noticed my Funkelglanz logo ;)?)! The artwork of all your albums focus on shades of this colour and there are always children and rabbits…What does these images mean to you? And are the rabbits good or evil..;)?

Chibi: Purple is the best colour. Well, that and blue, haha. And the rabbits are good. I think at one point there was an image of a bunny with blood dripping from its mouth. I think that rabbit may have been evil. But for the most part, they’re our pals.

SiN: Worldwide you are quite famous within the Gothic scene – your styling and attitude seems to match the ideas of the „dark ones“. Could you imagine to reach more „normal looking“ people (but maybe with an open-mind) as well? Do you even have fans like that, maybe in your homeland Canada?

Chibi: I think that while we definitely fit in with the gothic scene, we’ve always had different types of people coming to the shows and being part of the audience. Ravers, metal heads, little children, older folks – I feel lucky because we have an appeal to lots of different crowds. And we’ve always appreciated that. I mean, within scenes – I’m sure there’s plenty of people within the goth scene who think our music is crap. You like what you like. I mean, here I am, right now I’m wearing my skull jumper and black tights, and the last song I listened to was “Green Grass and High Tides”, which I think is a genuinely good song despite the fact that it’s country music and “are goths ALLOWED to like country music???” Hahaha!

SiN: Any dreams you have, maybe a cooperation with Tim Burton;) or something like that?

Chibi: At this point, my dream is just to keep doing what we’re doing, together. Collaborations happen and exciting stuff comes up sometimes, but – as we have learned – more often than not, the cool opportunities are nothing but talk. The real satisfaction, and the real excitement, now comes from continuing to get along, moving forward, and writing music together that still gives me goosebumps.

SiN: I´m quite sure you are thinking about a big (European) tour, now the album is released? Must be part of the overall concept, isn´t it :)? Any plans, dates, stage concepts for that already?

Chibi: Oh we would love to. It’s been a while since we’ve been out that way. We’re definitely talking about it. Going over the money issues. When it comes to touring, money is the limiter. It sounds so trite, but it’s true. The bottom line is, we want to come back to Europe. We’re trying to see if it will be financially possible. It’s pretty expensive!

SiN: Thank you for your time and all the best to you. Looking forward seeing you on stage soon!
Chibi: Thank you so much for this. It was great to (kind of) talk to you again! <3


Bandpage: http://www.thebirthdaymassacre.com/

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